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I originally chose the book Miraculous Movements How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims are Falling in Love with Jesus by Jerry Trousdale because I have been very intimidated and fearful about the spread of Islam. I felt hopeless. This, in spite of the fact that for the past five years my family and I have worshipped at a church side by side with several people who have come out of Islam into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve seen the proof, yet, the continued reports about the spread of Islam in Europe has, frankly, scared me. I needed this book.

City Team International trains people in a deceptively simple discipleship technique that is very effective among the people of Islam. Based on a deep and committed prayer life, City Team teaches new converts to approach the Bible with a holy simplicity, to obey God’s commands and to raise up new believers. Many of these believers very quickly share the gospel with others and, soon, a “church” has been born, often in very hostile regions. By “church” they mean a church that may be small and may be underground but converts are taught, discipled, baptized and sent out. It is a church in every sense of the word.

The stories in Miraculous Movements are sobering. Many of the new converts suffer for their faith, indeed, they are taught (from God’s word) that they can expect persecution. There are many encouraging stories of the seed that is sown in hard places in Africa and the Middle East that takes root in spite of very difficult circumstances. The stories remind us that the earth is teaming with people who are in darkness and they are longing for the light.They are a spiritually hungry people.

The book is practical, applicable and encouraging but, most of all, it is inspiring. After reading the many accounts of what God is doing in places of great darkness, I was convicted of my lack of prayer and my shallow faith. I was brought to my knees in wonder and awe at what our Great God is accomplishing for His glory.
It took me several months to get my review of this book written because I kept rereading parts of it. I highly recommend this book.
I was given a copy of this book by Thomas Nelson publishers for review.