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Lord, we pray for Your church. We pray for those who are called by Your name around the world. We pray that Your people would be serve one another in love so that the world would know that they are Your disciples.

We pray that Your people would be committed to the regular breaking of bread together, to teaching correct doctrine from Your word and to weekly worship. Lord, keep us (Your church) from apostasy. Convict us of the sin of separating ourselves from one another. May we serve, worship, teach, praise, disciple and love one another with a Covenant commitment.

Where there is sin, give Your church elders and pastors the conviction and strength to confront and to discipline. Purify Your body throughout the world.

Oh Lord, make us a people with a rock solid vision for your church, as imperfect and fallible as it is.

May the world be transformed by Christian people who are committed to loving and serving one another in the name of Jesus and for His glory!

Give us Your love for one another, Lord!

In Your name we pray,