Dear Lord,

We come to you as women called by Your name. We strive to establish strong marriages, knowing that we are weak and You are strong.

We struggle to stand against the onslaught of evil in our world; the putrid seepage of pornography, homosexuality and other perversions. We are discouraged Lord. Living in truth and walking Your way seems impossible.

Will You counsel us? Will You teach us by Your spirit so that we gain wisdom?

We pray for strength and vision for ourselves and our husbands as we live as married people in our world.

Will You overcome for us, Father? Would You open our blind eyes to wisdom from Your word and empower us to walk in it by Your spirit?

Will You give us discernment to know what counsel and teaching is wise and godly and according to Your word?

Give us the strength to boldly reject that which is not according to Your word. Lead us to other Christian couples who can wisely advise us and even rebuke us when it is needed.

Help us to persevere, Lord, in this foundational relationship that You established. Give us peace and joy as we love and serve our husbands, no matter how unrewarding it may feel at the time.

Give us a love for our husband that surpasses our feelings. Give us the strength to persevere in prayer so that our grandchildren may be able to look back our our marriage as an example of persevering love and commitment.

We ask these things knowing that You delight in answering as we pray according to Your will.

In the strong name of Jesus,