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Lord, give us a long-term view of marriage, we pray. Help us to evaluate the frustrations and irritations of today in light of a lifetime together. Remind us to ask ourselves, “Will this really matter ten years from now?”

Help us to appreciate the fact that, although we are very different from our husband, we are meant to be together and we are building something essential; a Christian marriage.

Give us a deeper, richer understanding of what a marriage covenant is. Thank you that you designed marriage to grow with us as we mature. Thank you that you have a wonderful plan for us within our marriage even when we struggle to enjoy being married!

Give us, as wives, a glorious vision of how to bless our husband. Help us to have insight into who you have designed him to be and mold us into a true helpmate for him.

Help us to walk by faith, believing You for a greater blessing within our marriage.

If it is Your plan for us to live a long life, allow us to be an old couple who is deeply in love and still holding hands to the very end.

In Your name and by Your strength we pray,