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We all want our loved ones to feel…well….loved, don’t we?

You can make every event a special, memorable occasion without spending a lot of money. Really! You can!

1.Focus on the person and how much you appreciate and love them.

a) For a birthday child, share details about the day they were born. Even if there was stress leading up to the birth, choose to remember that you wanted to see the baby, you wondered who the baby would look like and you were so glad the baby was finally born.

Deep inside every child is a strong need to know that they were wanted.

For a child whom you did not give birth to, be sure to share about the events that led to them being placed in your life. Again, do not focus on the hard things but, instead, talk about how glad you were to meet them and the plans and dreams you have for them.

b)Ask everyone who comes to the celebration to share one thing they appreciate about the person. For an anniversary, ask friends and relatives to leave a message on your voice mail sharing happy memories of the couple. Keep the recording as a keepsake.

Even a simple Father’s Day meal can be transformed when every child around the table lets Dad know why they love and appreciate him (hint; prepare your children ahead of time by helping them think of specific, non-silly things to say!).

2.Decorate! Even a few balloons make the room feel happy! A piece of white butcher paper can be decorated and hung in a doorway as a “birthday banner.”

A tradition in our home is to toilet paper the birthday child’s room so they wake up to a tangle of toilet paper!

The tradition began with my husband and I sneaking into our sleeping child’s room and decorating it with crepe paper and balloons. We did that for several years until one year we couldn’t afford the balloons and crepe paper so we substituted toilet paper instead.


This has become a loved tradition for our children and we have a lot of fun doing it together!

3.Prepare a goodie and light a candle! There’s just something about a cake or cookie or cupcake with a candle in it that says, “You are special” isn’t there? It’s worth rummaging through the junk drawer and finding that candle!

Everyone needs at least one day of the year where the words that are spoken remind them that they are cherished, appreciated and wanted! May your home ring with the sounds of simple celebrations!