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“Christians have many reasons for rejoicing.The primary one is based on who God is-He is sovereign. This is the single greatest truth about God…knowing God like that should should give us inexpressible and glorious joy.” So begins Pastor John MacArthur’s excellent book The Truth About The Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Written from a Reformed perspective, MacArthur tackles such topics as lordship, sanctification, justification, suffering and assurance of salvation. Is it important to grapple with what you believe about God’s Lordship? Yes, and this book will explain why.

Pastor MacArthur also gives “feet” to biblical concepts and it keeps this profoundly biblical book from becoming a mere exercise is Christian scholarship. He is blunt and practical as he shares with the reader how to live out their Christianity;

1) Avoid the Cave (walk in the light so you have nothing to hide).

2) Expose sin (Christians are, in some ways, spiritual CIA-which is not an easy assignment).

3) Work hard

4) Watch your tongue; your words should prove your redemption.

The Truth About The Lordship of Jesus Christ is part of a “Truth About…” series written by this pastor. This is a book worth having in your library and reading over and over again. I highly recommend it.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishers for review purposes only!

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