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Parenting by God’s Promises:How to Raise Children in the Covenant of Grace by Dr. Joel Beeke is a book I wish I had read many years ago. From the first pages of the book, Dr.Beeke’s words are rich with hope and the truth of God’s promises.

While some parenting books are strong on the practical application of biblical parenting, Parenting by God’s Promises takes the time to ensure that the reader understands God’s nature, His promises toward us and other foundational truths of the Bible.

Dr.Beeke approaches the raising of children with Christian scholarship but he also writes compassionately. God’s grace infuses the pages of this book.

This book is not for the faint-hearted but for those who deeply desire to grow in maturity as parents.
It grew out of Dr. Joel Beeke’s pastoral and teaching ministry at Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids Michigan.

The principles contained within this volume have been tested and proven not only within the Beeke family but throughout generations of faithful believers who recognize that it is only God’s grace that enables them to raise up believing children.

Dr. Beeke covers the topic of parenting thoroughly. Chapters 1-5 are the theological foundations of the Reformed view of child raising, chapters 6-14 examine how parents are to exercise the responsibilities of prophets, priests and kings and chapters 15-19 cover such practical areas as sibling relationships, dealing with anger and controlling the tongue.

From the summary; “…he carefully puts parental responsibilities in their proper perspective and guides mothers and fathers to lean not on their own abilities but to trust more fully in the God who knits children together in the first place. Above all, he affirms, parents must look to the one true God, who promises to provide everything His people need and to bless them and their families”.

Parenting by God’s Promises;
How to Raise Children in the Covenant of Grace is a book I will give to new parents. I hope that parents everywhere will discipline themselves to read through it, meditate and pray over it and apply it.

May God use this book to encourage parents to trust in a good and gracious God as they raise up a new generation to follow Him.

I received an e-copy of this book for free from Reformation Trust Publishers for review purposes.