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A Bond of Blessing; Insights from the book of Ruth for Mothers-in-law and Daughters-in-Law by Jaime Farkas took me by surprise. Jaime writes insightfully on what is a difficult subject (and one that many authors have not addressed).

Although the subject matter of the book is a sensitive one and the author could easily have chosen to sermonize, instead she writes with loving appeal and persuasive examples.

Here are some tidbits of wisdom from Jaime:

“Dear young mothers, you will be hearing advice from many women for the rest of your child-rearing days…your mother-in-law will want to play a key role as an consultant, so choose now not to resent her for this. Her desire does not stem from an evil intent; rather it is her feminine nature to share and give advice to other women.”

And, lest you think that the book is only written for the younger woman, “Naomi is an example to follow when your son marries a woman that you did not choose. Perhaps your son’s choice of wife violated the command, ‘Do not be together with unbelievers…’…as with Naomi, you must make the choice to love your daughter-in-law.”

This book could just have well have been titled Learning to Live at Peace with All close Relatives! It is chock full of advice on forgiveness, having a long term (generational) view of your life with your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law,dealing with resentment and other crucial areas of building a good relationship.
For all of us who long for a peace and goodwill with the women in our life, this book is a wonderful resource. Each chapter also has discussion questions at the end which makes it a wonderful book for a Bible study!

I felt that the cover, printing and quality of the book did not reflect the excellent message and writing contained within the covers. The book is missing a table of contents which I would have found helpful.

This book would make a wonderful wedding shower gift to both a daughter and mother in law. May God richly bless the reading and application of this book.

A Bond of Blessing is available on Amazon in an ebook or hard copy!

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Jaime Farkas married her high school sweetheart and is a homeschooling mom. She can be found at her blog For His Glory Alone where she is giving away a Target gift card on July 15th so zip on over and enter to win!