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Ronnie has been my faithful prayer partner for over a year now. I’m so glad she decided to stop by Generational Womanhood and share her wisdom with all of us!

I tend to tally as I think. I recollect spans of time (more specifically dates) as my thoughts unfold; Let’s see, it’s July 28th so we’ve owned our home fifteen years now. We signed closing paperwork and we moved in that first weekend of August when I was 8 months pregnant.

It has been at least eight years since I taught a child of mine to clean their room. It has been twelve hours since I awoke. When was the last time I cleaned behind the piano? Did the dog get breakfast four hours ago?

A few months ago, I was astounded to realize that I chose Jesus as my Savior twenty-five years ago yet when was the last time I brought my wayward thoughts before the timeless instructions of the Lord?

I raised my oldest child to age fifteen with ten of those years as a single parent and three of those years as a Christian parent.
Then, five years after I met and married my husband, we had three more children, all less than two years apart in age.

That’s when life began moving very fast.

I thought I was busy when I got dinner on the table for one child, and then one child and a husband.

I thought it took discipline to keep a budget for just two and then three but keeping a working budget for five is a promotion to frugality and creativity (among other things).

Homeschooling my oldest for grades five through seven took effort. Homeschooling these youngest three throughout their entire school career is more of a lesson for me in prayer and planning.

In 1 Cor 7:32-35, the Apostle Paul warns that if we marry, we can become anxious and caught up in worldly things instead of pleasing the Lord.

Paul was giving his readers a warning to walk soberly in our sanctification, to know that keeping our mind focused on the Lord above all is the mandate.

We have heard the expression, “keep the main thing, the main thing.”

As I look back on raising three young children (my “at-homers” are now fourteen, sixteen and eighteen) have I been keeping “the main thing, the main thing?”

Especially when my children were younger, I had to watch becoming so obsessive about purposely reading from the Bible with my children every day that I lost sight of other ways that God was revealing Himself each day.

How is God speaking to me throughout my day, as a mother upholding a God-fearing home?

Although I am obeying God’s prompting to home educate my children, I still doubt. I do not have a college education so how can I teach my children?

By being willing to learn alongside them and partake in their excitement of learning.

More doubts say, I came to Jesus and then continued to fail at some moral choices, how can I be a Christian example to my children?

By turning my flesh over to God and learning more about His victory alongside my children.

I don’t expect this process will ever end this side of heaven!

God has breathed upon me as I snuggled with my child while reading, helping me answer her searching questions in the opportunity of the quiet moment.

He has dispelled my fury when I ran to Him before disciplining an obstinate child in anger.

He still teaches me about His own patience and presence as I talk over issues in the home with my husband and I find relief in sharing these burdens with another who loves our children.

I have parented with God…actually, God has grown my kids while I have been allowed to rear them and witness His supernatural work!

I know this when I bring the Lord into my days, unceasingly praying and offering up praise to Him.

My encouragement to moms is to relax in the day-to-day raising of your children; the days will tick by for you to look back on and remember.

My hope for you is to recognize God alongside you in those busy days.

Ronica Dealy lives in Bellingham with her husband Mark and 3 children. She enjoys books on CD, road trips, writing pastels and painting. It’s been 25 years since she gave her life to Christ;”an engaging love affair!”