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Admittedly, when I first heard of Father Hunger by Douglas Wilson I said, “Seriously, another book about Fatherhood? Enough already! What is this the Decade of the Dad?”

I should have known that Pastor Wilson’s approach would be different, making it a book worth reading amidst a plethora of books about fathers.

Fatherlessness is a “rot that is eating away at the modern soul,” writes Douglas Wilson, and it goes way beyond not being there. “Most of our families are starving for fathers, even if Dad is around, and there’s a huge cost to our children and our society because of it.”

Wilson uses analysis of research on the family and fatherlessness to back up his rich and wise summation of decades of really rotten family life in America. Surprisingly, this combination makes for a fascinating read.

Using the research, Mr. Wilson shows how many of the problems of our culture (homelessness, poverty, lack of education, crime) can be traced to fatherlessness.

One worthwhile observation is that all dads influence their children even if their influence is by their absence. The incredible impact of a dad goes far beyond joining a Dad’s group and signing a pledge; a dad influences simply because it is what he was created to do.

Although the book gets a little wordy (which makes me wonder how many men will actually sit down and read it),it is a powerful and worthwhile book that exposes the sin of fatherlessness. It also calls fathers to repent of their abdication and return to the Father of all for the strength to do what is right and good.

Douglas Wilson creates a strong case for a godly vision of fatherhood and exhorts men to “man up” and change the world by stepping into their God-ordained role. Be inspired and informed. Read Father Hunger by Douglas Wilson.

I received a free review copy of this book from Book Sneeze.