Today I’m reposting a message from earlier this year that resonates with many of us. May we all look deeply into the eyes of our loved ones and remember to live fully in the moment~

Generational Womanhood

It was many years ago and we were poor. I was pregnant, tired and struggling with depression. My computer literacy was even less than it is now but I did know how to click the little “solitaire” icon and play the card game, and I did, over and over and over again.

Our son Kealen (age fifteen, then two) toddled his little diaper-clad self into the office one day and asked me about the “puter”. His exact words were….”Momy play’puter’?” My heart did a “pang” when I heard his innocent voice asking me about the “puter” and I realized that I was neglecting my precious little fifth born boy for a machine.

Computers are miraculous inventions. With the touch of a button we can share information, contact like- minded people and learn just about anything.

We can also create a cyber-reality and give the impression that we are…

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