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Christian mothers are worried. Are they doing enough? Are they consistent enough? What if their children grow up to hate church because it isn’t fun enough? What can they do to raise kids who love God? Require bible memory every day?

What if they fail at motherhood?

These are good questions but they are the wrong ones. Instead, Christian women should be asking themselves (and discussing with their husbands) what do we love? What do we believe about the nature of God and the nature of mankind?
In other words…what is our foundational theology?

The bible says that we are sinners. Do you believe that? Remind yourself of that basic truth when your kids act bored with spiritual things. You can empathize…you sometimes get bored too. But press on!

You and your children are learning a heavenly language when you listen to scripture and we all know language learning is not easy. Press on!

Do you believe that God is a God of Grace? He understands your frame. He knows your weaknesses and your failings and He is a gracious God! He will bless your imperfect efforts to raise children who will glorify Him. Press on!

Do you believe that sin is deceptive and that you are very fallible? God has a solution for you. Do not forsake assembling together with one another.

Press on! Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that you and your family and a few good inspirational books alone in your home are going to cut it. Your family will fail. Press on!

What is your foundational theology? Do you believe that this life consists greatly of the unseen? If so, then by faith read the word to those wiggling children knowing that God’s word enriches and feeds that unseen soul in that little body.

Does the spiritual life consist only of the brain? Is it only for those who understand it? No, the word can be understood by the spirit even when the mind cannot comprehend it.

Keep reading the word to your children. Keep reading the word even when it doesn’t make sense to you and them. Commit to worshipping together with the body of Christ. Press on!

I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Phillipians 3:14