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Why can’t you find a good man?
Why “I do” turns into “I don’t.”
Why you fail in your relationships because you are searching for “Mr. Right”?

I have been a fan of Mr. Dean’s blog What Women Never Hear for several years now. I know he is a wise and astute man who genuinely wants to help women understand the men in their lives so I was very interested in reviewing this book. I was not disappointed.

He writes,”Women lack an accurate knowledge about both sexes. It starts with the very different natures of males and females as God designs, nature endows and hormones energize people”.

Mr. Dean is an “older” man (I just turned 52 and he could be my grandfather). He grew up and married in an era before feminism had infiltrated and poisoned the culture. He writes bluntly (like a man) but he writes truth.

He writes, “Lifelong marriages escape women because they mishandle situations that arise normally out of natural sex differences.”

Although Mr. Dean is a Christian, the book is not written as a Christian “how to” manual for women. It is simply one man advising women to stop bemoaning the lack of good men and to wake up to the hazards of believing the lies of feminism.

Feminism labels man-like behavior as “wrong”, Mr. Dean simply says, “It’s not right or wrong..it’s just the way a man works.”

This book does not blame women for all of societal ills. Indeed, the author encourages women by telling them that women are the “relationship experts” and can use their knowledge, intuition and understanding to shape society.

Listen to these wise nuggets from the book;

*Men seek step-by-step resolutions as part of problem solving. Women live much easier with confusions, dilemmas and ambiguities.

*Conquest (sexual) changes a man. He is no longer “in the hunt” for that woman. Marriage changes a women. Her husband can be made better and she is just the one to improve him.

*Two conquerors compete and struggle. He seeks sex, she seeks marriage. The first to conquer the other dominates the shaping of their future relationship.

*She respects, charms and captivates men without generating jealousy in her own man. It’s a delicate balance best learned in her adolescent years. So long as he does not fear it or get jealous, he loves for other men to appreciate his woman, which means they admire him (his competitive spirit, remember?).

Ten packed chapters cover such topics as; The Essence of Femininity, Virgin? Keep it a secret!, A Man’s Work is Never Done, Boyfriend’s Emotional Infidelity, Harmony in the Home, Where Slobs Come From, Women Unprepared for Adulthood and Much more.

The contents of this book are well worth reading. I plan to hand it to my own adult children as well as other single people struggling to navigate a difficult dating scene.

I do have several criticisms of the book. Because Mr. Dean has a lot of wisdom to share and is also a prolific author, the book is crammed with a lot of information. Much of this is shared in list form. There is simply too much information in the book. This book could easily have been two books and still given the readers plenty to chew on.

Given the fact that the target audience is women, I would have liked to see more personal stories and examples. Women want some of the warmth and emotional connection of reading such stories.

The blog that Mr. Dean writes What Women Never Hear actually does provide some of that emotional connection from comments and questions left by concerned readers (many of them women who have made mistakes in relationships with boyfriends and live-ins).

Mr. Dean’s comments on his blog are always cordial and complimentary and that adds needed warmth to his straightforward approach there but it was missing in the book.

Besides being a bit overwhelmed by the amount of advice in this book, I found it to be rich in wisdom and applicable relationship advice for both women and men but, especially, for women.

The woman who is willing to listen and apply the advice in this book, will transform her life and approach men with a greater understanding and appreciation of the difference between the sexes.

Where Did All the Good Men Go? by Bill Clark Dean can be purchased directly from Xulon Press and is also available through all major retailers such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It is available in a Kindle version.

A second book is in the works and due out soon!