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Have ya’all heard of Ken Davis? He’s a Christian comedian and author who does a funny short radio spot for Compassion International called “Lighten up and Live.” That short radio spot does not do justice to this author.

Fully Alive is one of the best motivational books I’ve read in a long time although “motivational” falls short of describing it. Fully Alive asks the question, “Is God glorified when man is ‘fully’ alive?” The answer, according to Ken Davis is a resounding “Yes.”

In Fully Alive Ken tells the reader in bits and pieces events which led him to radically change his lifestyle. He is blunt, he is honest and, at times, he is nose-snorting funny.

Although Ken Davis had built a successful ministry and career, he experienced deep, soul-numbing depression and hopelessness. After seeing a picture of himself with his young granddaughter on the beach Ken said, “Do you remember Jabba the Hut in Star Wars? I looked like Jabba the Condominium.” That picture, as well as several alarming personal experiences, made Ken realize that he was dying from poor health, inactivity and hopelessness.

He began to exercise and eat differently. He began to breathe deep. He admits that a large part of his struggle was and is perfectionism and workaholism and that they almost killed him. Referring to those Ken says,“Fear is the culprit that gives birth to perfectionism. Fear of failure is like a vampire that sucks the lifeblood from anyone trying to live fully alive.”

Although Mr. Davis does address diet, he primarily shares his honestly struggle from obesity to athleticism and the great joy he has experienced in the journey. He also shares the book that motivated him to change and a list of resources for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Anyone who has ever struggled against inertia, depression and weight will identify with the pain of this author as he honestly describes his struggle to choose a long bike ride instead of finishing his second bag of potato chips.
Ken Davis is the master of poking fun at himself but the underlying message is one of compassionate understanding for anyone without hope.
I came away from the book motivated to glorify God by living fully and wonderfully active and alive.

More from Mr. Davis can be found at his website as well as the movie trailer for the movie of the same name. The best book I’ve read all year!

I received a free copy of this book for review from BookSneeze.