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Want some practical, scriptural help as you pray for your husband every day of the month? Head on over to Time Warp Wife’s beautiful blog and get yourself some free, printable prayer cards designed specifically for that purpose! Your husband will be so blessed!

I encourage you to find another committed woman whom you can pray with on a regular basis. Like-minded prayer partners can’t be easily found so ask the Lord to bring to mind someone you can pray with.
My prayer partner, Ronnie, has been an incredible blessing to me this past year just because of her commitment to our prayer time! Although we no longer live close enough to pray together in person, we still meet on the phone. I am more consistent when I have a partner.

Dear Lord,

We want to be faithful prayer warriors on behalf of our husbands and loved ones. If there is someone who we can join with for a more consistent time of prayer, will you bring that person to mind? Help us to persevere in our prayers and use us to stir others up to be prayer warriors as well.

We do pray for our husbands. We pray that they would be mighty leaders in the home, the neighborhood, the community and the church.

We pray that they would be men of initiative. Strengthen them as they withstand the pressures of the world. Teach them to take their worries and fears to you. Guard their minds so that they do not continually feed on entertainment, news stories or bad news but turn their minds to your word so that they are strengthened in their thoughts and focus.

Raise them up to be men of optimism and hope and not of negativity, depression and hopelessness.

May their hope be in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We pray in His name,