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It is an awful time in history to be a man. Men who lead and take initiative are often ridiculed for simply being men. Feminism has permeated our world with the stench of female worship and man-hatred and our families are suffering for it.

We pray that You would give our husbands the courage to be strong, Christian men; to take initiative, to lead our families in worship, and to shoulder the burden of providing for the family. It is a tough road to walk, Lord, but You have called them to it and we know You will strengthen them as they obey You.

Give them courage. Give them hope. Give them a vision of what it means to be a God-honoring man in a world that hates the distinction of male and female.

Lord, You created Male and Female and You called it good. You created the two distinct sexes to show Your glory and character in a way that would not be revealed with just Male or just Female.

Give us the joyful faith we need to live as fully feminine women so that our men are especially blessed in their calling. Show us how to be strong, Christian, feminine women without perverting our femininity in a way that is not of You.

Give us strong, scriptural words of hope to speak to our men so that they will be encouraged and inspired to keep fighting the fight of Christian manhood.

May our families, our neighborhoods and the world become more conformed to the image of Your son by the way that we live out our marriages!

In Your name we pray,