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Lord, give us a vision for our marriage. Create in us a deep conviction of the importance of our marriage not only for us but for the church and the world. May our conviction be as solid as granite and may our vision be for future generations.

Help us to see beyond this present hardship or misunderstanding or struggle and to see the big picture. Give us a depth of love for our husbands that is supernatural and goes above and beyond our own natural love.

Give us glorious marriages, Lord, so that the world will see that any sinful imitation of the union of a man and a woman in Christian marriage is false and shallow. May our marriages testify to joy, self-sacrifice and fruitfulness.

Give us strength as Christian women as we allow you to work in our weaknesses so that Your power will be perfected in our imperfect selves (2 Corinthians 12:9).

We love You, Lord Jesus, and want to give You all glory and praise and honor as You build our marriages.

In Your name we pray,