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We pray today for the marriages of our children, our friends and their children. We pray that you would bring godly spouses to our unmarried children. We pray that you would bless the next generation with wisdom and discernment as they make that crucial choice about who they should marry. Lord, give them the moral strength of character to pick well! Once they are married, give them joy in their choice as they mature into the perfect spouse for their wife or husband. Make them a united unit as they seek You in all things.

Lord, we pray for our friends, relatives and neighbors and their marriages. May we be strong encouragers, speaking wisdom and truth to them as they go through those inevitable hard times. Give us the strength to obey You when you prompt us to pray for others. Save us from the heartache of watching our loved ones go through a divorce. Give our children and grandchildren the stability and blessing of growing up in homes where the word divorce is not even mentioned.

Thank You for Your strength, Your joy and Your hope as You walk with us through all the days of our lives.

In Jesus name,