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We pray for the physical health of our husbands. Help us to encourage them to keep active, eat well and sleep deeply without being a nag. Give us insight and wisdom into what they need to feel better and think more clearly.

Lord, thank You for helping us discern what is truly a spiritual or emotional struggle and what problem has its roots in their physical body. Give us understanding into what unique needs our own husbands have and to creatively bless him by meeting those needs.

We want our husbands to be joyful, energetic, clear thinking men. We don’t want to mother them, instead, we want to be godly wives who “do them good and not evil” all the days of their lives.

Lord, we ask that you give us the strength and willingness to do the hard work of learning how to make tasty, nutritious meals day after day so that we can guard the health of husbands.

Help us to take the time to walk in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine and rain with our husbands.

Give us the strength of will to say “No” to the urgent and “Yes” to the essential tasks of life. We want to bless the men whom you have given to us and we ask for Your help to do that, Lord.

In Jesus name we pray,