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Yes, I know it is day eight of Advent but, perhaps, time has gotten away from you and that’s all right!images ornaments

The primary purpose of Advent is to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus and the secondary purpose of Advent is to keep little children busy and engaged and happy and, as the mother of many, I am here to help on both accounts!

Here are some ideas for simple things you can do each day starting now!

I discovered a creative mother who has posted 25 projects using LEGOS during Advent! If you are starting late (as I am) it won’t matter to your children, especially if you introduce the projects with enthusiasm! I know our seven year old will be thrilled (as will the older boys in the household although they may not admit it).

Tommy Nelson publishers has some wonderful free coloring pages, simple advent ideas and, even, videos to watch! Free is always good :-).

Here are a few of my last minute gift ideas from Christmas 2011. Children love the thrill of being on the giving end of Christmas so include them as you prepare and give simple treats.images.jpg mESSY CHRISTMAS

Remember, the mothers of old kept things simple during Advent. They lit a candle each day, gathered the children around, sang a carol and read a Bible verse. They may have had the children draw a picture of a tree and each day they colored another ornament onto the tree to mark off the days until Christmas (young children, especially, need a little help understanding how many days it is until Christmas).

So, mothers of young ones, don’t get overwhelmed. Take time to cuddle with your family (don’t forget your husband!) and enjoy the season.