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Christmas is a romantic time of year, coming in close to Valentines Day.images.jpg fireplace with couple Romance, however, takes time which can be in short supply this time of year! Getting alone with your spouse can also be a challenge as you find yourself more involved in social events like parties, caroling, hospitality and service projects. Here are a few ideas to keep a little romance in Christmas this year!

1). Hang mistletoe everywhere you possibly can! Get silly about it and hang it in the car, the bathroom and over the kitchen sink. Then, make a big deal out of kissing your husband at every opportunity! Grab those children while you are at it and lay one on them when you can catch them!

2). Take a drive together through neighborhoods to look at the lights and listen to music on the radio. This can be done with small children strapped into their car seats!

3. Hustle the kids into their room a bit early and keep them there with a story CD and then cuddle by the tree with your hubby in the dark. Breathe deep and relax!

4. Write little “anonymous” love notes to your husband with a little candy candy drawn next to them. Write on the mirror in lipstick something like, “This little elf believes that YOU are her very best present this Christmas!” Have fun surprising him throughout the rest of the month.

5. For the remaining days leading up until Christmas day, give your husband his own advent calendar of appreciation. Every morning give him a hand written card telling him specific areas of his life where he has blessed you and your children. This is a wonderful time to remember back over the year and point out what he has done right!

6. Give him a goody-a-day and let the children help you prepare them. They could be small pampering gifts such as a foot massage or they could be his favorite treats such as a can of pistachio nuts or a jar of pickles.

7. Tell him that his elves want to “lighten Santa’s pack” and ask him what three tasks he would like done around the house. You might take something off his “honey do” list and do it for him; vacuum his car, straighten his tools, fix his favorite dinner, call the plumber for the job he hasn’t been able to get done.

8. Rent his favorite movie, prepare his favorite treat and watch it with him (even if it’s not your kind of movie). Yes, a lot of things need to be done but just sit there and enjoy your husband!

9. Depending on whether your husband is an extrovert or introvert, choose a social activity that is geared toward his bent. If you are married to a man who gets rejuvenated with quiet, alone time, say “no” to too many parties and get-togethers in December and stay home with a smile.

If your husband thrives on noise, conversation and people, forgo your precious quiet evening at home and join him willingly. images  gingerbread

10. Teach your children of all ages to be grateful for what they have and to remember those who have so much less. A grateful attitude in his family will be a huge encouragement to any man as they strive to provide for their family at Christmas.

Remember, it’s good for children to see Mommy kissing Santa underneath the Christmas tree!