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messy christmas
The consequences of a rioteous celebration is a mess. A family of ten (with one deeply missed dear one far away in Korea) leaves a bomb of wrapping paper and coffee cups in its wake. Oh, how messy is the aftermath of a Christmas day celebration!

Thankfully, no one is ill in our house this season (!) so we all have the energy to pitch in and clean up.

We have a deadline since the grandmother arrives tomorrow to enjoy a late Christmas dinner with us. Deadlines
are good!

I begin our clean-up efforts by moving piles of unwrapped gifts out of the living room and into the bedrooms. Only board games are left out in a neat pile by the Christmas tree. Then, the living room floor is cleared of wrapping paper, a cheery fire is lit by our newest fire starter (the seven year old who is proud of his new skill) and the carpet is vacuumed.

Next, the kitchen is tackled and scrubbed which actually takes much less time than originally predicted, especially with two parents reminded their offspring of the need for everyone to pitch in!

The table is set for dinner by one daughter, another begins making a salad and I throw a load of laundry in the wash.

Soon enough, we will be back to the routine of school and work and commitments. Now, we enjoy the sound of bickering over card games, the smell the fire in the fireplace and seeing wet snow on black trees through our window.

The house will be messy again in a few hours but that’s because our house if full of people, full of life.

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A mother of 12 shares what she does the week after Christmas. I will be doing many of the same things in the next two weeks. I enjoy this time of year after the Christmas rush!