I’ve picked my word. Again, it’s a bit embarrassing to put out there but a little embarrassment is a good thing. Our one word for the year should be lofty enough to scare us a bit and inspiring enough to have to stretch way up past our tippy toes to reach it!

Sometimes it’s difficult to say private things out loud, because sharing our thoughts and dreams makes us vulnerable. I’ve learned that vulnerability can be a good thing.

Well, my family is (I’m sure) fed up with hearing me talk about getting a book published and not completing that goal. These days, book publishing is a sure thing because there are so many ways to self-publish. I am not sure if I want to go that route but I do know that this year is the year that I am going to pull my two half finished books out and get them done!

So my word for the year is (tah dah) Publish!

It’s a practical and work-laden word, isn’t it? But (lest you think I am not very spiritual), I am also using the word to remind me to publish the good news of Jesus; to speak it out in any way that I can. See there? That doesn’t sound as self-serving as you originally thought, does it?

Writing a book is very much like getting a college degree; there are millions of people who have started them but far fewer have finished them. It’s time for me to finish these babies and get them published.

If any of you want to hold me accountable to my goal, I welcome your input! And, if some of you would be interested in reading and evaluating the book before it goes to print, let me know! I’m a closet perfectionist when it comes to words and I want all the feedback I can get. There are too many poorly written books out there! So 2013..here we come.

And, many thanks to Melanie at One Breath Away who is making free One Word blog buttons and who sent me mine less than an hour after I requested it…today! On New Year’s Day!

Have you chosen your word yet?