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women3 crowned by the king

I’ll admit than when I first heard of Crowned by The King I thought it was a bit…um…hokey. The idea behind the ministry is to be prepared ahead of time with a necklace and to give it away. From their website:

“How the ministry works is really easy. We have simply created a vehicle (the necklace) that carries a powerful message for women. When women wear the “Crowned by the King” necklace it reminds them of their beauty, their value, and their purpose in Christ. You carry this message by wearing and sharing the “Crowned By The King necklace.” We have created a simple 1-2-3 process so it’s very easy to understand and easy to get involved.”

Well, I received my package from Crowned by the King and was surprised by the quality of the necklace. My package came with two necklaces, each beautifully packaged in gauzy bags along with glossy bookmarks and brochures with exactly what you can say to someone as you gift them the necklace (if you so desire). Necklaces may also be ordered in larger quantities.

I began wearing my necklace and prayerfully asking God to bring me into contact with someone who needed encouragement and would blessed by receiving such a gift. I wanted to share the beautiful verses with a discouraged woman. Here they are (printed on a card that the necklace is attached to):

I am chosen John 15:16
I am wonderfully made Psalms 139:14
I am dearly loved Col.3:12
I am a daughter of the King Romans 8:14

I tucked one necklace (in its gauzy bag) into my purse and soon realized the beauty of the idea behind this ministry. It is good to be prayerfully prepared to give, to pray, to ask, to speak to someone else about what God says about them. This necklace I carry in my purse is simply a tool that is focusing my mind and heart on what I should be doing anyway; listening to God and looking for ministry opportunities.

I’ve been hoping to run into a certain someone whom I know needs encouragement but our paths haven’t crossed yet…perhaps the Lord has someone else in mind. Meanwhile, I am thankful for the thoughtful way that Crowned by the King has changed the way I am looking at the world.

For more information please visit http://www.crownedbytheking.com

I received these necklaces through Christian Women Affiliate for review purposes only.