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We pray for our husbands today. We pray for his emotional health. We pray you would protect his heart and his mind as he experiences the sorrows, joys, frustrations and trials of life. Help him to give these things to You so that he can keep a balanced perspective. Give him a steady, persevering way of looking at life and strengthen his mind so that he can tackle hard things.

Thank you that Your word says that the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. We pray for that kind of peace for our husbands.

Let them be known in their jobs, families, communities and churches for being strong, wise men with tender hearts. Help them to understand how to express their emotions. Lord, masculinity is under such attack and we pray that they would be masculine men who know who they are and who You created them to be.

Most of all, we pray that You would give them deep, abiding peace and joy every single day of their lives.

You are such a great God and we worship you.

In Christ’s name,