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images holding hands

We pray for our influence on the lives of our husbands. We want to be Proverbs 31 wives who “do him good and not evil all the days of our lives.”

We pray we would influence our husbands with godly wisdom. Show us when to keep our mouths shut and prompt us to speak up when we need to.

Give us an all-encompassing love and understanding for our men so that we can see beyond their behavior and understand the reason for their decisions.

Give us the strength to unconditionally accept them.

Give us joy and peace as we live with them.

When we need to stand strong on something that You have deeply convicted us about, help us to do that even if our husbands don’t understand.

Help us to develop a strong sense of humor and fun to lighten up the heavy responsibilities of life.

Make us joyful, happy wives who can laugh even when life seems dark.

We want to hew out strong, delightful marriages so that the next generation of children will see the blessing and honor of the institution of marriage because You created it.

We pray all this in Your name,