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You’ve made it through the season when “all is merry and bright” and now you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world peering into a New Year. So where’s the optimism and hope? Having a hard time dragging yourself out of bed in the morning? You are not alone.

I am going to do a “doldrums intervention” on you because I am an expert in this area of mid Winter “blahs” so listen up!

Here are my top suggestions for getting through the mid winter depression that affects so many of us.

1) Take a shower. If you have to put five children into a playpen right outside the bathroom door, do it! Then, dry off, lotion up and put on the prettiest clean clothes(note the emphasis on the world clean)that you have available.

There, don’t you feel better?

2) Trust God but don’t over spiritualize what is probably a biological problem. Pray and then look carefully at what you are eating and drinking and how much time you are spending inside.

3)If you live in the Western Hemisphere and are experiencing any kind of winter at all (short, dark days) you are in the worst time of the year for your body.
Take your cod liver oil. You simply can’t beat the benefits for your brain, mood, skin and bones. No other supplement is an important as this one especially in the Winter (in some Wintery climates they take it in every month with an “r”; September through April).

If you are the mother of young children make the cod liver oil a priority (you can get it in flavored capsules:-) and make sure your children take it too.

For those of you who live in the South, don’t think that lets you off the hook! A good friend of mine who lives right near the White Sands Missile Range (name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) is vitamin D deficient! Girls, she lives near a desert that is just one windstorm short of being the Gobi or the Sahara and she doesn’t get enough sunshine!

How can this be (you ask from your dark snowbound corner of the universe)? Five children and the mistaken belief that she can get the housework finished each day.Need I say more?

So take your cod liver oil! And, if you may possibly be having a baby any time in the future, you will be growing a smarter baby by doing this!! Believe it or not, cod liver oil now comes in some really yummy flavors and in an emulsified form so it doesn’t taste oily (check out Barleans brand!).

3) Move!I have been among the many who, out of desperation, joined a gym in January but it didn’t work well for me because I can’t stand the blare of the t.v.’s and the music. So, if the weather allows, I walk, walk, walk. If I have to, I go to the mall and join the old people over there. Either way, exercise is miraculous for mood and fresh air is wonderful as well.

4) Praise God! Sing as you exercise or listen to great music of the faith. We are commanded to do this and it is good for our soul!

If you are the mother of young children who can’t easily get out of the house I suggest jumping jacks, running or walking in place or up and down stairs. Make sure you pump those arms! Listen to great music and include young children. You’ll feel better.

5) Tan therapeutically. I know, I can hardly believe I am typing those words but I have discovered that five minutes under a tanning bed does wonders for my mood. This is only worth it if you buy the tanning minutes instead of the sessions. I get 100 minutes of tanning for 34.00 so that is 20 sessions for me.It is an incredible mood brightener for those living where the days are very short.

6) Once you’ve gotten your vitamin D levels up and your blood circulating, begin tackling your environment with this three part series I wrote Decluttering Starts in Your Brain.I also posted some of Michael Hyatt’s great suggestions in a post entitled How to Get out of that Funk.

Take care of yourself during these dark days of winter, trust in the Lord and look forward (with me) to my favorite month of February when I will try to brighten our lives with some cheery hearts in my little corner of the web!