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Parenting has its challenges and one of them is when our sweet, cuddly, bedtime book-reading children bloom into distracted, moody, independent young people. Moms especially can fall into the pit of despair as they wonder where oh where did their relationship with their child go?

I’m with you. I’m currently parenting three teens, one tween and one still-sweet and fairly compliant seven year old…and I am a whole lot older than a lot of you.

Here are some astounding facts about young almost-adults that we need to consider;

They are on the brink (yes, the brink!) of adulthood and independence…don’t give up on them now!

They really do want your love, affection, positive words and encouragement even though there may be absolutely no external indication of such a desire.

They long to be significant and change the world. Really!

They are under great spiritual attack in a world that expects them to fail morally.

It takes maturity and faith to parent a young adult but it is so worth it. It is the final battle for the souls of our children while they are still under our roof so don’t give up.

Walk in faith. Smile at them. Tell them God has great plans for them.

Pray diligently for them. Continue to be the authority in their life while acknowledging that you are releasing them.

Don’t overspiritualize their failure. Yes, perhaps they have some hidden sin that needs to be confessed but, often, they simply need to mature. Allow them to reap the  consequences of laziness, slothfulness and lack of planning but go to bat for them when they are truly struggling with relationships and a sense of failure.

Be their cheerleader. It’s hard to grow up.