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Last year I rediscovered Lorrie Flem and her ministry to women. Lorrie has a heart for encouraging and equipping women to be the best they can be for Jesus Christ and their loved ones. Lorrie publishes an excellent digital magazine called Eternal Encouragement. I like the way she thinks and writes (I have yet to hear her speak but look forward to it). I am also impressed with her practical tips. This lady knows how to get things done and how to help other women do it to!

So, this year I signed up as part of her review crew and was thrilled to receive my first product of Lorrie’s for review. Helping Hands at Home is a practical e-book for moms who want to carefully and thoughtfully teach their children crucial household skills. I was also thrilled to see that you-all can receive the book for a mere .99 cents. And, let me tell you, it is well worth a dollar!
viewer Helping Hands at home

I’ve been cleaning bathrooms (we have three) and kitchens (we have one small one for our large family) for many years now and thought I had read every “how to” book on cleaning there is. Lorrie outlines in her little e-book, not only detailed cleaning instructions but, also, how to teach your children to clean and to clean well! I love it.

She emphasizes that attitude is a key component of training our children. If we talk about cleaning in a negative way we aren’t going to be very motivating. She also gives some helpful pointers for motivating our children to clean, especially the bathroom. For example, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and (usually) has far fewer items which need to be picked up and taken back to where they belong! This makes it one of the easier rooms to clean.

Lorrie also shares how to train your children; first they watch YOU clean, then they HELP you clean, then you help THEM clean and, finally, you watch them clean all by themselves!

How many of us skip those steps in our hurry to get our children to do their chores? I certainly have. Reading this e-book has motivated this mamma to get on the stick and start some serious (but motivational!) training of my children!

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I received a copy of this e-book for review purposes only.