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This is one of the books that Dave Ramsey, the Christian financial expert, requires his employees to read. It was for that reason that I reviewed this book and I am glad I did.

With a forward written by Mr. Ramsey, this book by Terry Felber, is light but worthwhile reading. It’s message is written in a parable form so that the reader learns financial and business principles while reading the story of a grandfather in ancient times who is teaching wisdom to his grandson.As the grandfather shares the story his business success, his grandson listens and asks questions.

The book outlines a list of principles that all believers would be wise to follow, especially those who are interested in building a business. Along with such wisdom as recognizing that all we have comes from God, and a wise man provides for his family, the foundational message of this book is that building a business can be a calling from God.

The book also serves as an excellent study guide with questions for thought on each of the principles. Because it is easy to read and written in a story format, I plan to require my teens to read this book as part of an economics course.

I received this book from BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson for review purposes only.