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Why I Love My Husband

I’ve joined the linky party over at The Happy Wives Club because it’s an awesome site that reminds us there are many wives in the world who really do love being married.

Almost 32 years ago, two gawky, skinny, immature people got married and began to grow together. I was 21 and Doug was 25. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love my husband…it’s a never-ending list!

1. He makes me laugh. He has a really funny soft-shoe tap dance that he fakes and it is really good!
2. He loves children. He adores his own children even when they drive him crazy.
3. He has awesome blue eyes with a dark ring around them. They were one of the first things I noticed about him and now 5 of our 8 children have those eyes (mine are brown).
4.He is the most amazing Chef. He can make our tiny kitchen sizzle and pop with delicious smells and tastes.
5.He is a technical genius. He thinks so far outside the box that I’ve been told by many very smart engineers that my husband is a genius. I already knew that but its good to have smart people recognize it as well.
6. He always seems stunned by what I write. Really.
7. He gets absorbed and fascinated by things…like a little boy. The kids love it.
9. He is generous. Very generous.
9. He is very kind and patient with his 86 year old father who calls 8 times a day to talk about nothing.
10. He makes me laugh…really hard…did I mention that already?

Join the party at The Happy Wives Club and brag about your husband!

Or, why not start celebrating Valentine’s Day a little early and leave a list of some of the reasons why you love your husband? Then send him a link and let him know you’ve bragged about him here? I double-dare you!