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It’s time to get a bit crafty but, never fear, this mother of eight is not going to overwhelm you with Martha Stewart projects! I’ve scouted around and found some fun ideas that most of us can do quickly and inexpensively (do I hear a “yipee”?).

Head on over to Keeping It Simple to find out how to put together the cute “You Rock” Valentines in the picture.

Join us at the Romantic Vineyard and commit to romancing your hubby! It’s a fun challenge!

images.jpg valentines double hearts

In the midst of all the fun and fluff and sparkle, don’t forget to read last years post to learn all about The Legend of St. Valentine.

We’ll be having a romantic month here at Generational Womanhood. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married or in-between, everyone loves a little bit of romance in their lives!

What are some ways you tell your friends and relations that they make your life sparkle?
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