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Creating Contentment
Everyone once in a while, along comes a seminar that addresses a topic that is sorely needed yet rarely addressed. Lorrie Flem (of Eternal Encouragement magazine) has created such a seminar on the topic of Creating Contentment. Creating contentment? Can we do such a thing?

As a woman who has struggled in the area of contentment for many years, I applaud Lorrie for tackling out the obvious! A lot of us think that if our circumstances were different, we would be happy. If we believe that we have deluded ourselves.

I had never heard Lorrie speak until I listened to this seminar. She has a sweet voice and demeanor but, more than that, she delivers information that is scripturally sound. This woman understands her topic!

Lorrie’s seminar is affordable (6.00!!) and, as usual, practical. Her materials are always chock-full of practical and useful tips and this seminar is not an exception. The seminar also comes with beautifully illustrated slides of the Bible verses that Lorrie uses in her talk!

If you are struggling with contentment and its elusive sister, happiness, purchase this wonderful resource from Lorrie Flem.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Lorrie’s new seminar available available on March 1st called True Womanhood is not for Wimpy Women.
Find more information about the seminar visit this link on Lorrie Flem’s website.
I received a download of this seminar for review purposes only.