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We’ve all read those intricate financial compilations by economic experts trying to prove that a homemaker really does have financial value. Because they can put a dollar amount on what a woman does in the home, they clap themselves on the back and point out that a homemaker is not really a parasite…she is worth something! She contributes!

Well, I’ve put down my box of chocolates, clambered off of my couch, turned off my soap operas and done a little thinking… *DING!* (thinking!) and I have come up with quite a few instances of how a woman in the home benefits her family and the world at large.

These are all hidden benefits of a wise woman at home and they are worth far more than money. There are so many benefits to having a wise, loving woman watching and caring for her family that I am only listing three here. Please leave a comment and share the ways that you benefit your family!

1. She pays attention. She walks by bedroom doors and listens to her preschoolers arguing and decides it’s a good time to talk to them about kindness, forgiveness and doing the right thing. She notices her discouraged teen and prayerfully waits for the right moment to find out what is going on in his life.

She watches, protects and builds.

2. She discerns…areas of weakness in her children that need to be strengthened such as poor work habits or sinful attitudes.
She takes the time to address those areas as well as bring them to her husband’s attention and to pray over them.

She is also quick to discern areas of growth when her child does what is right. She encourages and applauds. Her family feels loved and blessed because, in this huge world of ours, there is someone who loves them enough to pay attention!

3. She prepares. She knows that life is full of good times and bad so she leaves enough time and energy in her day to address the hard issues in life. She understands that she is building her marriage by guarding her schedule so she is not all “used up” when her husband spends time with her. She leaves a little extra space in her life… because life happens and somebody has to deal with it!

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What do you think about this list? What would you add?