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I have to admit that this audio talk by Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement (www.eternalencouragement.com) was not what I expected. Her approach to “Learning to value and remember everyday miracles” was refreshingly different than many similar talks I have listened to.

To begin with, Lorrie has a very sweet sounding voice and delivery so she is easy to listen to. She is the mother of eight children and, as the mother of eight children myself, I struggle with coming across as harsh and authoritarian so I appreciated the fact that she sounds sweet but she also speaks with conviction.

Lorrie begins by addressing the fact that children are gifts from God and, thus, they are treasures! As a matter of fact, she and her husband ask each other, “How are the treasures doing?” when they ask about the children. I love that idea and approach because the words we use to describe our children are powerful words and will shape them as they mature.

Lorrie tells her listeners, “Don’t bury your treasures; keep a record of them, and their sparkle will brighten many a dark hour” and then she gives examples from her own life of other things that she treasures and her “record” of her treasures. For example, she keeps a glove that was scorched by a fire that her young child started in their house. It was the glove, lying in just the right place that enabled her husband to grab the blazing container and put out the fire. Lorrie emphasizes that, although the ugly glove may seem strange to keep as a memento, it is precious to her because it reminds her of God’s protection and deliverance of their daughter from a dangerous fire.

By the time Lorrie finishes recounting other items that she has kept to remind her of precious memories, I wished I had done the same thing! In the midst of her busy life she reminds herself that the really important things in life have to be searched for as a precious treasure.

The hour long audio includes:

Learn what real treasure is, as defined by God
Effective treasure-hunting techniques
7 ways to remember instead of burying your treasure
How to accurately measure wealth

You can purchase this encouraging and inspirational audio talk at Eternal Encouragement. It is currently a steal of a deal at only 4.97.

I received this product for review purposes only.