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I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness to us. The sun is shining and the flower boxes are full of flowers. Spring is in full bloom! Thank you, Lord.
Little Red Hen

Years ago we bought our “dream home” in Southern Idaho. The big log house on almost seven acres gave us lots of room for our five, then six and, finally, the seventh of our eighth children who were born in that house.

There was a lot I loved about that house. It was made out of logs and it was sturdy and homey. There was a lot I didn’t love about that house, though; it was drafty when those Idaho prairie winds blew and it was hard to heat. Because we used a combination of coal and wood in the wood stove our house often smelled like a train.

We didn’t have a lot of money during the seven years we lived there and I wanted chickens. Chickens, themselves, don’t cost a lot but they do need good housing and fencing to keep them warm and safe. We never seemed to have the funds for the materials needed to house chickens so we never got any.

Well, that log house was many moves and many years ago. I’d given up on ever getting chickens, but last September our son Kealen surprised us by making the chicken dream happen. He built a nice little chicken house and scoured Craigslist for chickens. We got four of the prettiest little hens ever (the maximum number allowed in our city backyard).


There is something really wonderful about hearing their cheerful clucky chicken voices first thing every morning. They’re handy little animals who eat the bugs in the yard and have scratched and loosened the soil in our very large garden space so we don’t have to dig it up this year!

Since they are birds of very little brain, they make us laugh a lot! chicken counting eggs Here’s the Little Red Hen trying to do a math problem.

The eggs are “organically grown, free range” and wonderful! We put a light in their house and these nice ladies have laid every single morning all winter long!

Who knew four simple chickens could bring such satisfaction?

Our backyard backs up on a major street and we are just blocks away from the mall, Costco, fast food places and the fire station (think SIRENS). It’s not the farm I visualized having so long ago but…

the sun is shining, the chickens are clucking and I can hear the sound of my laughing children…

Abby and Eggs

(Enjoy this video by our son Phillip on Chickens)
…I’m living my dream.

*Photography by our talented daughter Hannah Jane.

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