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images woman praying with clouds

We pray for this day. It is a good day because you have given it to us, we are alive in it and we know You.

We pray that we would have hearts turned toward You today, minds focused on You and eyes opened to the many blessings and gifts that are ours in You.
You have given us so much. You have given us Your son, Jesus. You have given us the riches of Your word, the gift of the Holy Spirit who prompts us, teaches us and leads us. You have given us minds to understand and souls that long for a better eternity than this life.

Lord, You have created us to be women and women show forth Your creation in a unique way. Help us to joyfully embrace the gift of femininity.

Thank You that we are Your influencers and we leave a mark on the lives of others. Help us to use our gift of influence in a way that honors You. Keep us from being manipulative. Open our eyes to the powerful difference we can make in this world and give us Holy boldness to make a difference that glorifies You.

Lord, this is a glorious day and we dedicate it to You. We long for the day when You will make all things right and sin will no longer have dominion over us or the world. All of creation groans under the weight of sin.

Thank You for Your redemption. Thank You for loving us. images love never fails

In the powerful name of Jesus we pray,