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homeschooler envy

Sometimes I get the feeling I am still back in grade school. It usually happens when I am feeling confident and sassy and talented and run smack-dab into someone who is much more gifted than I am. Suddenly, my scruffy-looking fourth-grade self is watching Wendy, the “popular” girl giggling in the corner of the playground surrounded by friends and… I feel like scratching her eyes out.

I’ve matured past the eye-scratching stage but that green-eyed monster that likes to overwhelm me? He’s still around.

I write and rewrite and edit and finally click that “publish” button and, then, (usually late at night), I read someone else. Someone who writes raw and real and robustly and, there I am, in the corner of that stupid playground jumping rope by myself.

Everything in me wants to hide the amazingly wonderful writers from my friends but I know that they need to read them because good writing is kind of like love; it isn’t meant to be hoarded.

So, here you go.

This lady made me laugh…and cry; not all of her posts are this insightful but I keep rereading this particular one Missionaries shouldn’t be jealous of strippers but sometimes they are.

And Ann Voskamp. Who hasn’t heard of her? When I discovered Ann’s blog a couple of years ago, I had to be careful to read it when I wasn’t too melancholy because her writing always makes me cry even when it isn’t sad. She’s in the bookstore now with her bestseller and, darn it all, she deserves it. Christendom needs good writers like Ann. She is just plain gifted.

Terri Rice is a friend of mind who wrote a post on raising children that I would have written if I had thought of it (or had the ability to put it into words). I didn’t…she did.

Read her great advice about the importance of losing your patience with your children! While you are reading her blog, take a look at her family pictures. Yes, her family really is that gorgeous (but my fourth-grade self isn’t jealous of that because my family is just as beautiful).

Honestly, comparisons are such an awful, life-sucking trap. If we spend our time wishing we were someone else, we miss out on what God created us to do and who He made us to be. Every single one of us is unique and wonderful and have changed the world just by being born.