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Why I Love My Husband

11. He appreciates really good food and has taught our children to love a variety of food as well (if it had been up to me, I would have fed our kids out of cans and boxes just to avoid the mess ;-).

12. He still acts like an eight year old boy and takes great joy in simple things (like spitting over a bridge just to watch it fall!).

13. He appreciates and respects really old men who are often overlooked by the rest of us.

14. He likes to buy me presents and he isn’t frugal about it (!).

15. He’s a romantic and gets teary-eyed when he sees old married couples holding hands together.

16. He loves to learn; from new software to songs on the guitar.

17. He loves babies. If you meet some man on the airplane who offers to hold your baby while you go to the bathroom, it’s probably him!

18. He complains about watching chick-flicks with me but, when I pick a good one (which I do 99.9 % of the time) he laughs and cries and likes it better than I do.

19. For a man who loves good food, he unerringly picks the worst greasy spoon small-town restaurants which means we’ve eaten really bad food while seeing some interesting places.

20. He’s a good repenter (repenter isn’t a word but it should be). When he’s sorry, he’s sorry and he lets the family know and he asks forgiveness. That’s a really important attribute in the man of the family!