English: Catocala pacta

English: Catocala pacta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“For a long time they kept to the backbone of the wild tangled ridge but at last started zig-zagging down the farther side. They found a dead tree with funguses sticking out of it in balconies and terraces. Julian cut off the largest one to keep; and a little later he caught a Catocala moth, whose dowdy upper wings concealed a beautiful scarlet pair beneath, like two geranium petals. When he popped it into the killing jar, Portia had to look away. She hated to see it killed, but it was dead in less than a second, and then she didn’t mind any more.

At the foot of the hill the woods kept on going. Portia and Julian kept on going, too.

“Man, am I lost!” Julian said. “So are you. I don’t know where we are at all!” He sounded very happy about this. Portia didn’t mind herself; it was daytime and summertime and she was with him.” Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright

Summer is the time to s l o w dowwwn! I am officially giving you permission to take some time and savor the hours and minutes of each day. If well-intentioned friends try to tempt you with endless activities and outings just smile and say,

“Oh, I’m sorry but my Auntie Jill says I need to slow down.”

See, there, how easy it is?

Summer should be a time of laziness with a little bit of boredom mixed in. Read some good books, drink ice cold lemonade and smile at your children as they traipse in and out sucking on popsicles and running through the sprinkler.

Summer in the Suburbs

Summer in the Suburbs (Photo credit: thephotographymuse)

When your children look back on the summers of their childhood they might recall the trip to Disney Land and the expensive summer camp but I’ll lay you money that their happiest memories will be the simplest ones; long summer evenings playing cards and sucking on ice, getting “lost” somewhere they’ve never been before (even if it’s around the corner), playing in water, getting hot and cooling off, visiting the cool interior of the public library on a scorching day, grilling something, charring sticks in a campfire, sunshine.

Do you have happy memories of slow summer days? Then you are fortunate, indeed!

Give your children the gift of a long summer days spent outside playing capture the flag and hide-n-seek. They will never have this kind of time again.