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The father of my eight children will be gone this Father’s Day but I am thinking of him and praying for him. This post is dedicated to Doug Farris who entered marriage ill-equipped and unprepared to face the task of providing for an immature wife and growing children. He has encouraged and loved me through 31 years of marriage and I am so thankful to God for Him.

If there is one gift you can give your husband for Father’s Day it is RESPECT. Oh, how the world would be transformed if we women chose to respect our husbands! This does not mean shutting up and never giving them feedback but it does mean choosing to appreciate the different ways that a man functions and to applaud God for making male and female. This is one female who would feel alone and bereft without the special joy of her male. Remember that God created male and female and said that they were “very good.”

So, give your husband a great gift this Father’s Day. Choose to appreciate and respect him and teach your children to do the same. Their lives will be blessed by honoring their father!images family

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