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for women only

Back when I was a clueless fiancee’ and knowing that I was on my way to being a clueless newlywed, I read every marriage book I could get my hands on. I also watched (with an eagle eye) the married couples in my church. I would see them grocery shopping together and my mouth would hang open. Wow! I had never seen that before. I would watch couples when they disagreed in public and I would notice when (and how) they dealt with it.

The church was my little marriage “incubator” and God used it, mightily, to mature me and put flesh on the marriage advice I had only read about.

Back in the little hippie town of I grew up in, it wasn’t cool to be a family man or a committed wife and homemaker. No, the really hip thing was to trade the old model of spouse in for a new one and go do drugs with the young girlfriend. Role models I did not have.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time reading good and bad books on the subject of marriage and worrying too much about doing it right. I don’t have a lot of books I recommend to new couples but I recently read two books that gave me new insights into male and female behavior. Yes, I’ve been married for more than thirty-one years and it makes me very happy to understand my husband more deeply.

For Women only by Shaunti Feldhahn and For Men Only by Shaunti and her husband, Jeff Feldhahn, are small, easy- to- read books packed with insight and wisdom based, primarily, on Shaunti’s careful research. Shaunti’s background is impressive; she has a Master’s Degree from Harvard and has worked on Wall Street and Capital Hill. She is also a committed Christian and applies her analytical skills to helping men and women better understand each other.

These books were updated and expanded in March so, if you have read the old version, they’ve been improved!

We’ve all heard that respect is important to men but, according to the men who answered Shaunti’s questions, respect is love! Indeed, it is so important to a man that most would live without love and choose to be respected instead!for men only

Another revelation was that to most men, the burden of providing for their family never goes away even if their wives work and make a good income.

For Men Only really should be read just by men but, because I had to read it to review it, I must say that it is the most user-friendly marriage book for men I’ve ever read. It is short and it is funny. Who knows? Your husband may actually read it!

I am a reviewer for Lorrie Flem and was generously provided with an extra set of these books to give away! I would love to give them to you.

To win a set of these books for men and women, please leave a comment on this post sharing what you R E S P E C T about your husband or the man in your life (your dad or brother or boyfriend).  I will draw a winner a week from today (June 25th)!

Not only can you win a complete set from me but, if you visit Lorrie Flem’s website, you can win a bundle with the DVD! Wow! The bundle will include the NEW DVD study that came out June 18th and includes a men’s study, women’s study and couples study along with the leader guide and a copy of For Women Only, and For Men Only books.

Do you want to watch a video of Shaunti to see what she says about the books? Check her out!

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**As a member of the Gabby Moms Review Team, I was given a free copy of the books in exchange for my review.**