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campfire dessertSummer is a time for refreshment and rest and we can find both of those by getting out of our routine and doing simple things differently even if we never leave town!

To make a goodie like the one in the picture above just cut the top off an orange, clean out the orange (leaving the peel intact) and fill with a chocolate cake mix or a gingerbread mix. Leave room for the batter to expand as it bakes. Put the “top” on, cover with foil and bake in coals in the fire. Cool and peel off the orange peel to eat! I plan to make those with the kids for a fun summertime dessert. I also plan to…

Light a fire in our little patio burner at least once a week and sit around it with something good to eat…maybe hot dogs or s’mores or something more exotic.

SmoresLight candles on a rainy summer day and brew some tea or hot chocolate with the kiddos.

Let the kids sleep in interesting places like homemade tents or the treehouse in the backyard (although it’s infested with bugs so they’ll probably pass on that one).

Pedal or walk our local bike trails. We have sixty-six miles of them in our community!DSCF1884

Watch a free movie outside in the park (compliments of a local business).

Let a friend spend the night.

Eat watermelon.

Take day trips with picnics to the gazillion parks around our area and “discover” new zip lines, tunnels, swing sets and wading pools.

Watch the sunrise while sipping hot chocolate…if I can rouse the troops!643da678ef6e7080c27d792c1b73f4d7 children playing playdough

Make something messy and crafty…tie-die maybe?

Let the younger kids play “hot lava” with the neighbor kids on a rainy day. Lay cushions and pillows on the floor all over the house and hop from pillow to pillow trying to avoid the floor or the “hot lava.” Don’t ask me why, this game is a Farris family tradition!

Worship God together on a warm summer day with the sound of the fans overhead and the murmur of the pastor’s voice as he holds forth the word of God.

And (here I go again) read together wonderful books so that, somewhere in the deep recesses of my adult children’s minds, they will have wonderful summer memories of warm summer sunshine and tales of adventure and joy.il_170x135.235310066.jpg hush I'm reading