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I was 16 when my mom sent me to Planned Parenthood of Albuquerque, New Mexico to take their Human Sexuality class.

My upbringing was “liberal” in the perverted sense of the word. I had grown up in a hippie town surrounded by young adults whose Ivy-League educated parents not only applauded but joined the sexual promiscuity and drug use of their children. Innocent and protected I was not, yet the class left me reeling.

The landmark court case Roe versus Wade which struck down many abortion laws had passed only three short years before and Planned Parenthood was well-prepared to “educate” a new generation in misinformation and propaganda. They did a very good job.

Planned Parenthood understood that even the most jaded young person possesses a sense of modesty and that most young men and women are very reticent to discuss intimate details of sex with members of the opposite sex.

This is precisely why the classes were a mix of teen men and women. It was imperative to break down our natural revulsion to certain subjects in order to make us question our morals and change our behavior. The best way to do that was to discuss embarrassing, personal topics with a room full of strangers.
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So, we watched films of every kind of sexual perversion; graphic and detailed. Oh, we were sweetly told by teacher that we certainly could leave if we were embarrassed but the implication was that anyone who was uncomfortable with such open discussion of a topic like sexuality was a prude.

Most of us chose to stay. Peer pressure and pride worked wonderfully to keep us all in what was really the promiscuity promotion class.

And, promote promiscuity they did. Passing bowls of condoms around at each class, the teacher laughed and said,

“Go ahead and take some! Have fun!!”

I remember the pretty curly-haired 16-year-old “teachers pet” in our class (I’ll call her Shelly). Shelly eagerly told everyone how her five abortions hadn’t hurt her at all. She’d lived with her biker boyfriend since she was 13 and, although she’d had all those abortions, she was living proof that abortion was a wonderful way to stay “free of responsibilities.”

Cute little Shelly’s boyfriend was ten years older than her but, even in the 1970’s, statutory rape laws were blatantly disregarded by Planned Parenthood.

Yes, the message from our teacher was clear, blunt and repetitive; have lots and lots of sex.

Sexually-transmitted diseases? Easily treated!

Pregnancies? We can help you with that!

It’s been more than 35 years since I took that class but I can still quote the “facts” I learned there;

“Abortion is just like getting a mole removed.”

“Whatever feels good to your body is good.”

Yes, I learned a lot at Planned Parenthood.

The Human Sexuality class was designed to promote sexual promiscuity and irresponsibility because abortion is a lucrative business.

The “education” in that class at Planned Parenthood of Albuquerque was not an isolated case. Planned Parenthood used the same propaganda all over the United States and used it successfully.

56,605,430 babies have been lost to abortion since the early ’70’s. 55,605, 430 best friends, husbands, neighbors, teachers, siblings, scientists, wives and loved ones are missing from my life and yours.

Two years after I took that class I learned something new.

I learned that the God of the Universe sacrificially sent His son Jesus to redeem me and cleanse me from my sins.

I learned that I was made in His image and that my femininity was a glorious gift to be used for His purposes.

I learned that children are a gift from a gracious God and my husband and I were blessed to receive eight of those gifts from Him.

No, I have not had to live with the haunting memory of an abortion but I have struggled against the hopelessness and despair that Planned Parenthood fed into my young life so long ago.

And, my extended family is missing at least one grand-nephew because of abortion. Oh, how I wish we could have saved him.

Through the strength of our victorious Savior, I’ve had the privilege of offering hope and help at pregnancy centers as I’ve listened to the cries of women who have said,

“I wouldn’t wish my abortion on my worse enemy! Oh, if someone had only told me. If I had only known.”

The battle against the slaughter of the unborn is getting ugly; God is bringing the truth into the light. We must wade into the fray and fight the good fight. We must do battle, not just for the babies but for the mommies and daddies.

The largest late-term abortion clinic resides in Albuquerque and I applaud those who are standing for life in that city.
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A baby that is lost to abortion is an entire lineage of people. We don’t just lose one baby, we lose generations yet unborn!

Pray that Planned Parenthood and other abortuaries would be closed. Pray for the redemption and salvation of the mothers and the babies. Pray for the abortionists and the clinic workers. And pray for the fathers.

Pray. Pray. Pray.
baby profileHere, my beautiful daughter speaks for the prayer arm of the pro-life battle, 40 days for Life.

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To learn more about Margaret Sanger, the founder of the Birth Control League which became Planned Parenthood read the definitive book by George Grant, Killer Angel (available here for free).