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It’s hot.

A little sweat is good for my health…at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I drive around with a broken air conditioner. The only way to survive triple digit heat in the car is to roll all the windows down and let the hot, flowing, outside air blow into the car and move the hot inside air around. It’s the same exact air but it just moves more coming in the window that way. This technique cools me down about one degree…just enough to keep me from getting heatstroke.

We also cool off with these… boy with popsicle

I make homemade popsicles with plain yogurt mixed with a little juice, leftover jam or anything sweet. The varieties are endless and even a little weird but they don’t cost much and are easy to make. I also give you permission to count them as a healthy breakfast.
boy and bug net
I got another cheap little bug net for my eight year old entomologist. It comes in handy when an annoying fly is buzzing against the inside of the living room window. I just assign him the job of “studying” it!

I’ve seen cute plastic bug jars at the dollar store that also work really well. Every child should have the summer pleasure of collecting crawling creatures.

My favorite summer drink this year is Good Girl Moonshine from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.mason jar drink

Good Girl Moonshine is simple to make but oh-so-refreshing.
To a jar full of ice water add a glub of apple cider vinegar (a couple of tablespoons to a quart). Add several dashes of ginger and some stevia or low-glycemic sweetener (they recommend and I use Truvia brand stevia). Stir.

This has the zing of ginger and the tang of the apple cider vinegar. Use Braggs brand apple cider vinegar to make sure you are getting the raw, unfiltered good stuff. This drink is cleansing to your system and replenishes minerals and electrolytes lost from sweating. It’s good!

What are your simple, inexpensive ways to beat the heat?