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…”And so, Lord, if we get to pick what age we’ll be in heaven, I choose nine years old, because I’m havin’ the best year of my life. I know I say that every year, but this time I mean it. And next year, if I change my mind, don’t believe me. I promise it will always be nine.”

Saving Sailor is the fictional version of the author’s own experience growing up in a large Italian family who spent summers on an Idaho lake. Ready to experience life through the inquisitive mind of an imaginative nine-year old? Join A.J. (Angelina Juliana Degulio) as she explores the island and lake with her beloved dog Sailor.

Authentic dialogue, sensitive writing and quirky humor combine to make a story worth reading,

“…Mama and Daddy are out on the porch swing and I can hear every word they are sayin’ through my open window, ‘Sonny, tell me how that child of yours comes off speaking with a Southern accent? Why can’t she speak a normal kid lingo, like Pig Latin?'”

Set in the 1960’s, Baby Boomers will enjoy a nostalgic look back at that era but Saving Sailor is a book for everyone. A.J. shares her thoughts about God and life as learned from the nuns at school yet the author doesn’t preach. It’s a touching, profound and laugh-out-loud book which also contains a delightful romance.

I loved this book!


Author Renee Riva is generously giving a copy of this wonderful book to one of my readers. To be entered to win, please share a favorite summertime memory from your childhood. Don’t forget to leave a contact email. The drawing will be one week from today (July 22nd)!

“When I get home, I tell Mama that Sister Abigail said speakin’ with a Southern accent is not a sin.
‘Listen up, toots,’ she says, ‘If you want to play hardball with me, I will go to the pope in Rome if I have to in order to prove that a full-blooded Italian, Roman Catholic nine-year-old girl, born and raised in the Northwest, who insists on speaking with a Southern accent and driving her mother to the brink of insanity, is dishonoring to the family. Which, in my book, makes it a sin.’

I’ve decided to just let it go for now.”

To learn more about Renee Riva and her award-winning writing as well as other books she has written visit her website.

Published by David C. Cook publishers, Saving Sailor is the first book of a trilogy. I received a free copy of this book for review purposes only.

Available at all major retailers in both Kindle and hardcopy version!