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Take some shocking stories about the sex trade industry, mix them with some introspective thoughts about being adopted, being sexually molested, being lost in a rain forest and what do you get? A book that does not live up to its subtitle.

Christine, I’m sorry you’ve struggled with your self-worth. I’m sorry horrible people molested you. I’m sorry you had a miscarriage. You have, indeed, won the contest for “Who had the worst life experiences” and proved it to your readers in the entire first two thirds of your book! The problem is, your readers read the subtitle and thought it would be about them because it says right there on the front cover,

“Daring to do what God calls you to do.”

After reading your book, most readers would suggest a subtitle such as, “How I overcame my past to dare to do what God called me to do.

Frankly, the first two thirds of the book were about you. In your effort to reach the reader through stories of your personal experiences, you came off sounding self-centered and that might make readers feel cheated (ask me how I know). It’s not until the final chapters of the book that you suddenly remember who the book was supposed to be about and share some helpful truths about following God;

“When God invites us to cross the street, He never asks us to do it alone. He goes along. He goes ahead…He’s promised to never leave us or forsake us.”(Hebrews 13:5)

Additional scriptural advice for those who want to make a difference for Christ’s sake is to;

1. Be sensitive to the Spirit of God.

2. Be aware.

3. Simply step into the moment.

4. Pray for a heart change.

5. Be open

Ultimately, I think most readers will finish this book and say to themselves, “Wow, God really worked in her life!” instead of concluding, “How very good to know that God has a plan for all of us no matter what.”

Will readers be motivated to “dare greatly” after reading this book? I don’t think so and that’s why I don’t recommend this book.

I received a copy for review from the generous folks at Thomas Nelson Publishers.