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patrick with the map
Patrick Farris explores the world (picture by sister Hannah Farris)

I’ve posted this list before…what would you add to it? Share your wisdom in the comment section!

1. Be a learner, a questioner, a mom who can be heard saying things like “Hmm…I wonder why they have to put so much gravel down on the road before they pave it?” or “You know, God sure did make a wonderful world!”

When your child asks a question you can’t answer that’s o.k. Wondering about something for awhile without the answer is part of the learning process.

2. Read.
A study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that just having books in the home (even if they weren’t being read!) has a greater impact on children than the education of the parents. Imagine the even greater influence of parents who read those books they have in the home. Mind-boggling!

3. Look your child in the eyes and talk to him. Listen, ask questions and converse! This means looking up from the electronic devices.

4. Give your child the life-changing experience of quiet time with nothing to do.
Let him hear the sound of his own breathing and the beat of his heart.

5. Read aloud to your child. Be inspired by The Secret Weapon of the Christian Parent and Created for Words.

6. Eat meals together regularly. Studies have shown that your family will be closer, your children will be more secure, less peer-dependent and smarter! Who knew?

7. Worship Jesus Christ together. Here are some Helpful Hints for a Holy Day. His peace is vital in this broken world.

Tell your child, “Who knows what great things you are going to do to change the world?” Raise a world-changer.