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chicken counting eggs
I’m a meddler. When I read something profound that changes my life, I almost immediately think of you. I think, wow! reading this would greatly encourage you! (I meddle but my heart’s in the right place).

If you want to fill your mind with romance novels, tabloid news and sad country songs, that’s certainly your choice but I’m here to tell you that you’re feeding your mind with marshmallows for the brain; they’re sweet and delicious but, ultimately, there’s no nourishment there.
images.jpg goat (Is there anything stupider looking than a goat? I love those little airheads!)

So,The Chicken or the Egg? will be my occasional foray into different blogs, books and food-for-thought. You certainly don’t have to explore my recommendations but, here’s the thing, you were created to think deep, profound thoughts even while wiping poop off a cute little baby’s bottom! Before you know it, that poopy baby will be a rough and tumble five-year-old asking you profound and perplexing questions such as,

“Do worms yawn?” Little Red Hen

You don’t want to look like this all the time, do you? No, you want to be the amazingly smart mama who is always prepared with a profoundly deep reply such as,

“Hummmm, great question, son, let me think about that one!”

I guess you could say that the following links are my way of helping you battle that inevitable inertia that comes from having to remember things like,

Is there gas in the car?

Should I run to the store for milk now instead of tomorrow morning when the kids need it?

If I pretend I’m asleep when the kids knock on the door at 6 a.m., will it work?

Where oh where did I leave my car keys?

So, here you go. Generational Womanhood’s version of Lumosity!:

A father writes about his profoundly disabled autistic son and the body of Christ.

Catholic blogger, Laura Wood, at The Thinking Housewife is a former journalist who critiques culture wars. She often makes me uncomfortable which is why I need to read her.

Another Pro Life Catholic site is Life Site News. It’s been an amazing year of victory for those who defend the unborn so I subscribe to their regular updates in order to keep on top of all the news. They’ll also fill you in on much more.

Life Site News has shared a long-term study revealing that children who grow up in large families have a lower risk of future divorce! Turns out, all the squabbles and borrowing each others clothes and sharing a bedroom that goes on in a large family really does benefit the children.

Feeling a little mom guilt today? This post by Jen Hatmaker is worth bookmarking and rereading when you need a laugh. Scroll down and take a look at the picture of her son in his homemade “costume!”


Finally, I had this beet salad at a friend’s home (also known as the mother-of-Vogue-models). Because this post is about developing our intellects (and convictions), I must add that every one of her stunning children is also articulate, opinionated and smart. Anyway, mother-of-gorgeous-children served the beet salad on Sunday and I went home and dreamed about it and woke up wanting it for breakfast! Really good. Really, really good.