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birthday cake
Actually, no, I’m not thirty. I’m a woman of a “questionable age” so I can be loud and obnoxious about my birthday!

Want to make my birthday happy? I want to hear from you so leave a comment (pretty please with a candle on top?) and share one thing that you love to do for your children or loved one to make their birthday special. 30183-Clipart-Illustration-Of-Color

I’ll start by sharing one of our silliest traditions!

Years ago, I knew a family that decorated the birthday child’s room after the child was asleep. They would sneak in and hang crepe paper, balloons and a sign and in the morning when sleepyhead’s eyes opened; ta dah!

We loved that idea and we started the tradition off with a bang. I’m pretty sure for at least the first year we did crepe paper and balloons. Then, our own personal “great depression” hit and we couldn’t afford crepe paper or balloons! So, we began toilet-papering the rooms and when I say, “we,” I am happy to report that this was one tradition my husband was very involved in! Farris children tend to be poor sleepers so the two of us often had to wait until the wee hours of the night to tip-toe in and throw the toilet paper roll across the sleeping bodies. It brought back fond memories of our college toilet-papering exploits! The child woke up to birthday chaos…and loved it!toilet paper prank

Just to prove to you that we’re not totally low-class at our house, over the years our children have usually requested cheesecake for their birthday!

What about you? What tradition or silly memory can you share from your life? Can’t wait to hear from you!